Body shape advice

Are you confused about what wedding dress will suit your shape? Well, don't worry because we've put together a quick guide of dress dos and don'ts to help you decide which body shape you have and which is the best dress style for you.

Big bust

You: Your boobs are the biggest part of your body

Do: Accentuate the positive with a really supportive and uplifting bra and a good bodice. You could also try a bodystocking that pulls in and lifts up your curves. Good necklines for you are anything that's low-cut and off-the-shoulder – and make sure you balance your figure out with a full skirt.

Don't: It's a delicate balance but be careful to not show too much cleavage. And make sure you have a trial run in your gown so that you feel comfortable and secure moving about.

Broad shoulders

You: Your shoulders are wider than your hips

Do: Expose your beautiful shoulders with a halter or go for drama in a gown with long sleeves worn off the shoulder. Select a dress with a narrow bodice and wide skirt that balances your shoulders and creates an hourglass shape.

Don't: Try to hide your shoulders as sometimes this can result in them looking even wider, for example cap sleeves will make your shoulders look wider and thicker.


You: You have a small waist and wide hips and bottom

Do: There are lots of styles you can choose if you are a classic pear-shape a Basque waist or strapless ball gown will balance your shape. An off-the-shoulder neckline will make your top look in more proportion to your bottom.

Don't: A column style dress can be unflattering and a plain, V-neck might not be attention grabbing enough.


You: you're wide and curvy all over

Do: Try dress with structured bodices because they are great at pulling you in and creating a balanced silhouette. Play with length too, you might find that a three-quarter or very long dress is perfect for you.

Don't: Be careful with slinky, close fitted fabrics such as silk and bias or column dresses as they can add inches.


You: You're short and you have a small frame

Do: There are loads of styles for you – the key thing is to keep things simple and watch the length. Sometimes a floor-length gown can drown a petite frame. Strapless styles are good on small frames too.

Don't: Beware of the meringue! You want to look like you're wearing a dress rather than the dress wearing you. What's more lots of elaborate embellishments will also look a bit OTT on a petite woman.


You: You're at least 5ft 8

Do: Tall women look great in pretty much everything. But you can really be a showstopper in elegant off-the-shoulder styles and dresses with open necklines.

Don't: Avoid gowns with high necks and long sleeves as they may detract from your curves. Be careful with headpieces and hairstyles too as they can make you look taller.

Very slim

You: You are very slender and have a tiny frame

Do: A ball gown will look fabulous on you, accentuating your curves. Modern short styles also look great on you.

Don't: Portrait, off-the-shoulder and halter necklines could make you look boyish, so avoid these styles. Be careful with the type of bodice too if you have a small bust as you want a style that will give you a bit of a cleavage.


You: Well, we think you'd know, but you'd have a big belly!

Do: It's tough buying a gown while pregnant but there are lots of great options. The key thing to remember is that by the time your wedding day comes along you'll be bigger than you are when you go for you dress fitting. Empire and A-line styles are really good for you but you can also get away with column dresses and slinky styles if you want to show off your bump.

Don't: Obviously avoid anything that's too constricting or uncomfortable, including tight bodices and ball gowns. But don't feel you have to be boring or wear something that you don't absolutely love, essentially don't make a snap decision when buying your wedding dress.